Brown sugar, you’re so easy..

In need of some brown sugar? Do you have white sugar in the pantry and keep molasses around for the occasional cookie or grilling sauce? Then you have brown sugar. It’s just that it’s currently in a deconstructed state. Brown sugar is so simple to make that you’ll never have to buy it again. If it’s something you use regularly, it’s worth getting a jar of molasses to have on hand, because that stuff will last for a long ass time. I needed some tonight for my apple crumble, so I made 2 cups, used what I needed and stuck the rest in a jar with a tight fitting lid. So here ya go.. You’re welcome.

For light brown sugar..

1 tablespoon of molasses to every cup of sugar

For dark brown sugar..

2 tablespoons for every cup of sugar


Put the sugar and molasses in the bowl of your mixer, or a mixing bowl if you’re using a hand mixer. You can also do it by hand, it will just take a little extra time. It’s going to take a few minutes and a couple scrapes of the bowl with a spatula, but you’ll know when it has come together. I used the whip attachment on medium speed and scraped the bowl twice, and it took about five minutes. And that’s it! Use it or store it.
It’s really up to you or your recipe how dark you want to go. I use the different shades interchangeably if it’s what I have. If you stick around you’ll find that’s how so many of my recipes will be. I just adapt to what I’ve got. I moved in with my dad at thirteen, which was a few years after my parents divorced and my brother and sister soon followed. I took over much of the cooking duties for us and haven’t left the kitchen in 20 years…